Mirzakhani Award

Awards for outstanding performances by girls were inaugurated at IMO 2017 in Rio de Janeiro, presented to the highest scoring female participant from each continent. The first awards were named after the Brazilian Olympic Girls Movement and IMPA, the Instituto Nacional de Matemática Pura e Aplicada (National Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics) in Brazil.

The Fields medal winner Maryam Mirzakhani died on July 14 during IMO 2017, and it seemed natural that future awards would be named in her memory. In the following years the awards were presented by the host organisation without reference to IMO Regulations. It is possible that at some point, IMO will adopt these awards into General Regulations, and retrospectively adopt the early editions of the awards.

IMO 2021 – Russian Federation

  • Juliette Roux – South Africa (Africa)
  • Shevonne Chia – Singapore (Asia)
  • Ruiying Wu – Australia (Australia)
  • Yuka Machino – United Kingdom (Europe)
  • Mariángeles Mavárez Rangel – Venezuela (South America)

IMO 2020 – Russian Federation

  • Aya Aguerjout – Morocco (Africa)
  • Binwei Yan – People’s Republic of China (Asia)
  • Yuka Machino – United Kingdom (Europe)
  • Ana Paula Jiménez Díaz – Mexico (North America)
  • Carla Fermin – Peru (South America)

IMO 2019 – United Kingdom

  • Mariam El Khatri – Morocco (Africa)
  • Dolgormaa Batsaikhan – Mongolia (Asia)
  • Jelena Ivančić – Serbia (Europe)
  • Ana Paula Jiménez Díaz – Mexico (North America)
  • Monica Martinez Sanchez – Peru (South America)

IMO 2018 – Romania

  • Shuyu Jiao – Botswana (Africa)
  • Yolrada Yongpisanpob – Thailand (Asia)
  • Alina Harbuzova – Ukraine (Europe)
  • Monica Martinez Sanchez – Peru (America)

IMO 2017 – Brazil

  • Garam Park – Botswana (Africa)
  • Dain Kim – Republic of Korea (Asia)
  • Violeta Naydenova – Bulgaria (Europe)
  • Qi Qi – Canada (North America)
  • Carolina Ortega – Colombia (South America)