2023 International Math Olympiad Alumni Reunion

Nobody will profit from this event, and so all of the costs represent actual costs incurred for the activities. The organizers make an effort to minimize those costs while maintaining quality.

Alumni are responsible for arranging their own travel to the Chiba hotel on July 11, between the Chiba hotel and the Kyoto hotel, and from the Kyoto hotel on July 15. Alumni will need to pay a fee which covers all the other activities between their arrival in the Chiba hotel and departure from the Kyoto hotel. This fee will be approximately $1,350 USD, and the major components of it are:

  • $200 for overhead expenses to IMO 2023 Japan
  • $800 for 4 nights of single room hotel accommodations
  • $200 for meals
  • $150 for tour-related fees (e.g., admission fees to cultural sites, tour guide, etc.)

Alumni are advised to purchase a Japan Rail Pass at least 3 weeks prior to arrival, as that is an economical way for foreign tourists to travel in Japan. For example, the rail pass cost is comparable to the bullet train cost from Tokyo to Kyoto and back (or onward to Osaka airport).

For alumni who will officially participate in IMO 2023 (as coaches, coordinators, etc). If they wish to join the post-IMO excursion, they will not need accommodation or meals during the IMO, and so their fee will be reduced by the corresponding amount (approximately $600).

Alumni who wish to independently stay in Japan for additional days may wish to consider the following recommendations for interesting excursions:

  1. Extra days in Kyoto and Nara
  2. Kurashiki, Himeji, Kobe
  3. Hiroshima and Miyayima
  4. Mount Fuji and the mountains, maybe based in Nagoya (special detour to Ghibli warehouse for anime fans)
  5. Osaka
  6. Tokyo again: Yokohama or the parks