Reunion 2024

Dates: July 20–21, 2024
Locations: Bath and TBA, United Kingdom
Capacity: 50 alumni (on a first-come-first-served basis, distributed across countries)
Contact: Po-Shen Loh (, IMO Foundation Vice President for Advancement

In this second year, we invite former IMO contestants to attend a special event that overlaps with the final 2 days of IMO 2024, and then continues onward to a 2-day touristic excursion deeper into the host country. The vision is to unite alumni from various IMO years and geographic origins, to build new connections and collaborations, which could significantly increase the collective impact of the IMO alumni community. Every single IMO contestant has extraordinary skill, and so everyone is worth getting to know well.

Since this is the second year, we are only able to have up to 50 alumni participants in the portion which overlaps with the IMO, and up to 50 in the portion after the IMO. (It is allowable to attend one part without the other.) Interested alumni may apply to participate once registrations open, and will be admitted on a first-come-first served basis. Unfortunately, this event is only open to alumni who are approved via that procedure.

Alumni are responsible for all of their own costs.

The Program will be similar to the Inaugural Reunion 2023

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