2024 International Mathematical Olympiad Alumni Reunion

This 4-day event is optimized for building those relationships among the attendees. The approximate program is:

Sat Jul 20 (Free day during IMO 2024, after Final Jury Meeting decides on medals): alumni arrive in Bath during the morning and afternoon, while IMO 2024 contestants are engaged in various sport and other festive activities on the University of Bath campus, and while national coaches are also relatively free during the day. Alumni have a dedicated arrival room adjacent to the main IMO student hangout. The first main event consists of the alumni from each country meeting up with their country’s delegation and treating them to dinner at a nearby restaurant of their choice (or having dinner at the dining hall). There is no structured program on this day because it is assumed that most alumni will be informally choosing between engaging with their country’s teams, or spending time in the IMO student and alumni area.

Sun Jul 21 (IMO 2024 closing ceremony): structured program for most of the day. In the morning, alumni will gather in a dedicated meeting room from around 10:00 to 12:00, and then go to lunch in the university dining hall. The early afternoon is unstructured so that alumni can choose to join their teams in gathering and taking photos en route to the IMO Closing Ceremony, which starts at 16:00. During the IMO Closing Ceremony, there is not enough space in the main theater to fit the alumni, but alumni will gather in an adjacent room for their own reception. Alumni will join the farewell party with the full IMO group at 19:00.

Mon Jul 22 (Post-IMO excursion day 1): alumni ride a dedicated bus to have lunch in Woodstock and spend the afternoon at Blenheim Palace (birthplace of Winston Churchill). Bus goes to Oxford to spend the night in college accommodation.

Tue Jul 23 (Post-IMO excursion day 2): bus continues onward to spend the day at Bletchley Park (principal code-breaking center during World War II), before finishing at Trinity College Cambridge, where alumni will have dinner and spend the night.

Wed Jul 24 (departure): The Trinity College Cambridge room reservations are for a single night only, so alumni depart from Cambridge on their own schedule.

IMO Alumni Reunion 2024