2024 International Mathematical Olympiad Alumni Reunion

Nobody will profit from this event, and so all of the costs represent actual costs incurred for the activities. The organizers make an effort to minimize those costs while maintaining quality.

Alumni are responsible for arranging their own travel to the University of Bath on July 20, and from Cambridge on July 24. Alumni will need to pay a fee which covers all the other activities between their arrival at the University of Bath and departure from Cambridge. This fee will be 700 GBP, which includes 4 nights of university accommodations (2 nights in Bath, 1 in Oxford, and 1 in Cambridge), travel between sites, meeting space bookings for the group, museum entry fees, and most meals.

For alumni who will officially participate in IMO 2024 (as coaches, coordinators, etc), if they wish to join the post-IMO excursion, they will not need accommodation during the IMO, and so their fee will be reduced by 100 GBP.

At Oxford, the alumni will split between two accommodations: single rooms in St Edmund Hall with bathrooms in each room, and single rooms in Mansfield College with shared bathrooms. These two are likely to have different atmospheres: the Mansfield College accommodation will feel more communal, with shared lounge spaces that may appeal to alumni who wish to informally meet and chat with other alumni late into the night. Alumni will indicate their preference between these two accommodation types, with priority granted in order of receipt of their payment.

IMO Alumni Reunion 2024