2023 International Math Olympiad Alumni Reunion

This 4-day event is optimized for building those relationships among the attendees. The approximate program is:

Tue Jul 11 (2nd day of IMO 2023 coordination): alumni arrive in Chiba during the afternoon, while IMO 2023 contestants are out on their excursion, and IMO 2023 leaders are coordinating papers. Alumni have a meeting room which they can use for informal networking (the IMO 2023 Student Hub, provided by Jane Street Capital). The first event consists of the alumni from each country meeting up with their country’s delegation and treating them to dinner at a nearby restaurant of their choice. After dinner, alumni can return to the meeting room, which at that point may have IMO 2023 contestants.

Wed Jul 12 (IMO 2023 closing ceremony): structured program for most of the day, where all alumni have the opportunity to share what they are working on, what opportunities they have for other alumni to join, and what opportunities they are seeking to join. During different periods of the day, the group will be intentionally mixed up to bring together people by industry interest, or by IMO year, or by geographic region, etc. The ultimate objective of this day is to let everyone develop a basic understanding of who everyone else is, so that during the subsequent two days of touring, people can pursue deeper conversations based upon their self-directed interest. The group will attend the IMO 2023 closing ceremony as well.

Thu Jul 13 and Fri Jul 14 (Post-IMO excursion): travel to Kyoto, to stay for 2 nights on a touristic excursion to visit sites of cultural or historical significance. While traveling together as a group, alumni will be able to fluidly engage with people, who they now know from the previous two days. This experience will be nicely memorable, but not 5-star-luxury, in order to keep the activity affordable for younger alumni.

Sat Jul 15 (departure): The hotel reservation ends with check-out on Saturday. Alumni depart from Kyoto on their own schedule.