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IMO 2024 Reunion Announcement

Welcome to a new tradition: the annual IMO Reunion. The pilot year of this initiative is 2023 (IMO Japan), and it has support in principle from the organizers of IMO 2024 (UK), 2025 (Australia), and 2026. Find out more about the IMO Reunion here. Sign up using this form to be notified when registrations for ... Read More

Inaugural IMO Alumni Reunion

We are thrilled to announce the pilot year of what can become a new IMO tradition: the IMO Reunion. In this first year, we invite former IMO contestants to attend a special event that overlaps with the final 2 days of IMO 2023, and then continues onward to a 2-day touristic excursion deeper into the ... Read More

IMO 2022 – Norway

The 63rd edition of the International Mathematical Olympiad was held in Oslo, the capital city of Norway. After two years of IMO being held online, the total of 589 participants as well as everyone else involved were very excited to attend an IMO that was held in-person once again. Of the 104 teams, only a ... Read More

Virtual IMO 2021 – Russia

On July 18 2021, the opening ceremony marked the beginning of the 62nd International Mathematical Olympiad hosted by St. Petersburg. As in 2020, the global travel restrictions due to Covid meant the event was held in an online format. The team of each country gathered, where possible, in a single location to attempt the papers with ... Read More
Huawei is the official sponsor of the 61st IMO

Huawei is the official sponsor of the 61st IMO

Founded in 1987, Huawei is a leading global provider of information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices. Committed to bringing digital to every person, home and organization for a fully connected, intelligent world and having more than 194,000 employees, in more than 170 countries and regions, they serve more than three billion people ... Read More

Virtual IMO 2020 – Russia

IMO has been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. When it became clear that a normal IMO2020 in St Petersburg in July would be impossible, the event was postponed until September in the hope that the pandemic would recede. Unfortunately this did not happen, and eventually it became clear that a normal IMO2020 would be impossible. ... Read More

IMO 2019 – United Kingdom

The Diamond Jubilee IMO2019 was held in Bath in the United Kingdom. There were teams from 112 countries, and the teams from China and USA tied for first place. Unusual features were that Guides were recruited internationally, there were a record low number of speeches at ceremonies, and the closing party involved a Ferris wheel ... Read More

IMO 2018 – Romania

The 59th International Mathematical Olympiad returned to Romania where the first International Mathematical Olympiad was held in 1959. The olympiad was organised in Cluj Napoca from 3 to 14 July 2018 in the same year that Romania celebrated its centenary unity and participants were treated to a wonderful and successful olympiad. One hundred and seven countries participated ... Read More

IMO 2017 – Brazil

The 58th International Mathematical Olympiad was in Rio de Janeiro, from 12 to 24 July 2017. Hosted by Instituto Nacional de Matemática Pura e Aplicada (IMPA), the IMO 2017 was held jointly with the International Congress of Mathematicians ICM 2018, as part of the Biennium of Mathematics 2017–2018 Gomes de Souza, an initiative that aimed to disseminate mathematical ... Read More

IMO 2016 – Hong Kong

The 57th IMO held at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology was a resounding success with a record 109 competing countries and 602 competitors. It was pleasing to see an increase in the number of female competitors with 71 girls competing this year.  Six students attained a perfect score of 42 with 44 students ... Read More